David A. Qualls, CJF1, is a well known and respected blogger in the farrier world. His reputation for his unique equine care allows travel through the states as well as internationally for farrier services. For first time customers  please click on Services.


This site is for those of us in the Horse world that care more about our Horses and their healthy happiness than we do ribbons, trophies, buckles, and — I might add — being “politically correct”.


is not a Politically Correct Outfit

The owner (David Qualls) has determined his Company and it’s members
can and will say things like:

Merry Christmas
God Bless America
God Bless You
Thank you Police Officer
Thank you Firefighters
Thank You Military
Happy Hanukkah
Not all Horse’s need Shoe’s
Nice rear end (when talking about a Horse)
Kemili Adageyudi

If these things offend you,



With that stated please continue to read on about me, my training, my experience and how “It’s all about the Horse!”

A lot of the ideas, thoughts and protocols within this site are not what some would call “normal” in the approach of equnie care. It is also NOT just another Hoofcare/Farrier site.

Dusty The Greatest Biggest, Hugest Horse (Shetland) in the whole wide world that taught me to share and not force an acceptance from my grass eating friends.

Always R.I.P.

Let me slide off the trail here a bit. I am NOT a Horse Whisperer, nor do I want to be, sometimes ignorance is bliss. I really don’t want to hear the jokes my Horse tells his buddies about me! But I have spent nearly 40 years learning what I call Horsienesse, or rather the language of Horses, and I continue to learn every time I meet a Horse just how large their communication skills are. Unlike us, though, they don’t have to talk to tell a story. They use every square inch of their magnificent being to tell the story.

There are pages about feed, teeth, massage therapy, emotional therapy, (both ours and the Horses) and several other Horse related topics. Heck, I might even add links to some good ole Cowboy Poetry.

What I intend this site to be is a sharing of my experiences and knowledge of “How to develop a Harmonious Relationship with a Horse”. As one of my mentors, Keith Seeley says, “Harmony starts at the ground and moves up!”

I will be dealing with words like Balance, Emotion, Control, and Harmony throughout this website. I also welcome any feedback on any subject within this site. As my current Horse, Smokey Joe, says, “I’m willing to learn anything if you teach me right.”

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site, and if there is anything I can do to help you or your beloved Horsey, contacting me by email or by phone (678- 314-0381) is easy, and usually painless.


May your trails be well traveled
May your travels lead to where you need to be
May your rest be calm and heavenly blessed
May you find cool water at each water’n hole
And may life’s journey send you a travel’n down dustless roads.


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David A. Qualls, CJF1